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Company Philosophy

For Walter-Textil GmbH a responsible company management is of utmost importance. The high customer satisfaction is the basis for our success. This is reached by the excellent quality of our products, fair prices, superb service and our close customer relationship.

All this is only made possible by our motivated employees. Their skills and their willingness to perform contribute to improve our company. Bit by bit they are the key to our success. Therefore it is indispensable for us to guarantee our employees working conditions which are characterized by mutual help, trust in the capacities of the employees and opportunities for further education.

Employees can do everything: if they are trained correspondingly, if they are given the proper tools but most of all if they are trusted to do so.

Hans-Olaf Henkel (*1940), German Top Manager, 1985-93 Germany, 1993-94 CEO of IBM for Europe, 1995-2000 President of the Federal Association of the German Industry (BDI)

Adherence to the human rights and laws, pleasant working conditions and environmental protection are a matter of course for us and are actively supported by the company. Thus we commit ourselves to our Code of Conduct (German) for ethical corporate governance.

Social responsibility has always played a major role for Walter-Textil GmbH .Thus, we are sponsoring local projects in the area of Leutkirch im Allgäu . We want to contribute to the „sociable, cultural and economic development of the State and the region“. Cultural projects such as Larifari e.V., an association for music and cabaret in Leutkirch, the music band Schloss Zeil, the FörderKreis KulturReichenhofen e.V., as well as the Förderverein (promotional association) of the Leutkirch Kinderfest. The Tafel (a charitable organization) in Leutkirch is supported as well.