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We offer you a diversified range of services for the most different fields. All our services are provided on our own behalf or as wage work. Our range of products is shown as a survey as follows:

Type of threads    
PES flat/textured dtex 8-167 up to 2016 threads
PA flat/textured dtex 11-167 up to 2016 threads
PUE dtex 13-320 up to 1440 threads
PP, PBT upon request upon request
PES/PA high-strength up to dtex 1200 upon request
PES Monofil 0,08-0,25 mm upon request
PA Monofil 0,07-0,2 mm upon request

Our range of products is also available in various formats for download and printing:


Further services on request.

We can use the following beams for knitting:

Disc diameters:
Clearance diameter: